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Okay, this is, like, the first game review I've made. I've kinda just been lurking...but now, I have a review to make.
Sonic...f***ing...Battle. I'm not sure I can stress this enough...I hate this game. I hate it way too hard. Way turbo disgustingly hard. the way...Know something kinda coincidental? The difficuly is how much I hate it. You cannot change the difficulty at all. It is stuck on rape.

Controls: Well, gameplay is actually pretty decent. Combos will take you all of five minutes to get used to. Basic "mash the A button several times to do a combo" combo, "mash the A button several times then slam people onto the ground with the "aim" attack" combo, and the "mash the A button several times then slam people onto the ground with the "aim" attack and then finish it with a special move" combo. Okay, so it's pretty blah, but it's still fun to do. You get certain special moves. But it's still kinda fun.

Gameplay: Before each match, you can choose which special moves you want to use in a match. There's one special move for the ground and one for the air. The types of special moves are "shot" "pow" and "set". Shot specials are projectiles, pow moves are powerful physical attacks, and sets are traps/bombs. If you choose a "pow" special move for the ground, you cannot set it for the air. Stages are in a sort of 3-D. There are various platforms you can stand on or you can just smack someone around on the ground. Unfortunately, the same mechanics apply. This reduces the game's replay value drastically.

Difficulty: .....I'm not even going into it.

Graphics: The graphics for this game are awesome. The animation is smooth, the arenas are detailed, the characters are very cool to watch as they pull off unique attacks, and I had to admit that I thought I looked cool as I was dying a thousand times in one millisecond.

I could do more in this review but it's late as hell and I'm tired as all (Insert string of expletives). So...yeah. This game had a lot of potential, a WHOLE lot of potential but this game is so hard, you don't get to see what the game has going for it!

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