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I have been waiting for this....

The zeldagamerlink rating of,

The Sony PSP

Sadly, many people think I am out to get Sony, and think I am not ever gonna give them a break. I figure these are the same people that have never seen my mass amount of PS2 games, or realize that I have two times as many PS2 games as I do GBA, Nintendo DS, 3DO, Saturn, PS1, X-Box, and Gamecube combined. So, that is to be cleared up before I start my pre-review.

On a note, this is my right before I buy it judgement, after this weekend I will give it an after owned rating.

Pre-Bought Overall Score:


This is a very close decision because this thing has what appear to be almost flawless features. I only had a few problems with it, one was a big one, but it is something that I can deal with.
The BIG problem I have with it is it's battery life. This isn't enough to take the rating down very much at all, but it does give a .00000000001 difference. Only having 2 to 3 hours for a movie without the AC adapter is kinda blah, but at least it makes up for it with the 6 hour gameplay length. My question to this is, what if you are playing a game with alot of "movielike" cut-scenes? Is this gonna take my battery power down or is it gonna stick with the 6 hours? When I give my next review hopefully I have a game with alot of them to check this with. Hopefully you see why the 2 to 3 hours movie is a big deal to me. If I'm watching a movie, I don't think I'll be watching Lord Of The Rings, or Bicentenial Man, so i don't have to worry too much. Luckily, if I do want to watch those though, there is the Nyko Theater Experience.

The things that come with it, you know the 32MB Memory Stick, headphones, AC adapter, carrying case, demo disc, and wrist strap. Yeah, those are kinda nice.

The memory stick is cool cause you can load music and pictures to it, which is nice. Also, you can buy a SanDisk Memory Stick, which they make in the sizes of 256, 512, and a gig. For those of you who don't know, the gig, thats the better of all of the sizes.

An interesting bit is the screen. It changes with the month. Thats kinda cool. Unless you don't like the color for that month. Then your stuck with it. Oh well. I like the colors.
January: White
February: Soft Yellow
March: Pea Green
April: Pink
May: Green
June: Soft Purple
July: Turquoise
August: Navy Blue
September: Purple
October: Yellow
November: Brown
December: Red

More when I buy it.... till then...
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