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Goon Raters

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Video Game Raters
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We are those labeled as goons. We play games, we live our games, and probably know more about them than most anyone that we know.
Often on the outside of "cool", we have our own sense of coolness. We are the gamers of the future. Here we will share our thoughts on the games we love.

Main rule for current members: Your rating can be any length you want it to be, it is yours, preferably long, but a short review is always welcome as well.

For new members or wannabe members....
Annoying not so large but bold print, Community Description:
This community is based on the rating of video games. Giving personal opinions and giving specific and overall ratings for games. This community is also for news on games, if something new is to come out and you hear about it from an "inside sorce" post it on here. Screenshots and things of that sort are encouraged as long as you put them behind a LJ-cut. If you dont know how to use the lj-cut command see the Faq #75. This community is very much based on game ratings, but any information about video games is wanted.

Do not cheat.
It doesnt matter if you want to put things on here from other sites, but dont put a full review someone else wrote and claim it as your own. For instance, if you go to gamespy and get a review, you like it alot, and post it on here, please give credit to either the writer or the site you got it from. If you put reviews on here from other sites, hide it behind a LJ-Cut and put the LJ-cut text as Review Writen by (site or editors name) Please, I look at reviews and previews for many games, and from many sites and message boards, so please, make your own, or hide it behind a LJ-Cut. If reviews/previews are seen form other sites without the appropriate settings as given in these rules they will be erased and you will be warned and under watch for banning. Stealing reviews is a serious offense to us at goon_ratings.

Do not give information known to be false.
If you have knowledge about something noone else knows about cool, post it, we want to hear it, but nothing like telling us that nintendo is going out of business when truth is they aren't. If they are, then yeah, tell us. But otherwise, dont.

Annoyingly large important detail notice.

When you become a member, you post an update telling who you are, and most importantly, a review of your personal favorite game within the same post. We want to hear about your favorite game with your introduction of yourself because this is a game review community.

Screenshots, Linking, other HTML based things.
Screenshot are easy to put on, but in case you dont know how to do it, you can go to FAQ #6
In order to link to other sites or journals, go to FAQ #67. You can put links on the main entries, you dont have to hide links behind LJ-cuts or comments.

Have fun, and hopefully you enjoy this community if you join.

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zeldagamerlink co-founder and typer of all that stuff you just skipped. way to waste his time, jerk. plus he updates more.
tonerboner made layout, and founder.


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